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What Does Your Bow Tie Say About You?

Have you ever felt like your bow tie doesn’t express your true personality? Fear not, Sulphurgenic, a new London-based company has just the solution. The huge range of hand-made bow ties will no doubt provide everyone with a style to suit their personality, each one with it’s own unique ‘character’ and name, taking two days to complete.

The founders, Catrice and Mel, created the company after noticing the repetitiveness of the bow tie and wanted to “continuously push the boundaries and make art out of neckwear”. The 21 year old pair of entrepreneurs’ first collection ‘Rack and Ruin’ features items such as the crocodile skin and studded ‘Raptor’ (shown here), and the theatrical ‘Cirque’ with it’s stripes and spikes. There really is a lot to choose from. Nevertheless, if you fancy something a little bit different, Sulphurgenic also offers a Couture service where you can create your own unique design from a range of fabrics and accessories. A bow tie has never been as expressive as this!

With prices beginning under £20, and every one suitable for men, women, formal and casual situations, there really is very little reason for you not to express your inner geek!

Visit Sulphurgenic.com for more information and to buy.

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