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Behind The Scenes of Fashion Styling Workshops

Hi Everyone, I have not posted a post for well over a year. What have I been doing? Styling, teaching and studying. Now I think it’s time for me to start promoting myself on a proper level and share what I have been doing.

Fashion Styling Workshops

Over the Summer I have been teaching Introduction to Styling workshops. Most fashion styling courses likes to speak about what is a Fashion PR, while studying my workshops you will visit a Fashion PR.

Here is one of my students visiting Canoe PR and Esmlie PR.

Canoe PR

Canoe PR Vans A/W Collection

Canoe PR

Student: Canoe PR PUMA A/W Collection

Emslie Pr Coco & Breezy Glasses

Emslie Pr Coco & Breezy Glasses

Various Designers Emslie Pr

Various Designers Emslie PR

Start Caps

Starter Caps