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5 Minutes with Richard Evans

FCML catches up with Richard Evans the owner of Rich London PR about his career into Fashion.

Rich London PR

When did you first realize that you wanted to go into fashion?

Fashion was only thing that I really knew about or held my attention growing up. Always keeping ahead with current fashion trainers, rarest jacket,  and smartest shirt which would always get attention from girls. I remember once at school getting the girl I wanted purely because she liked my shirt, so it made sense for me to keep on top of it. I pretty much failed all my exams so I had to play to my strengths and find a job where I could talk about fashion like I did to my mates. I used to read lots of fashion magazines and I realized that’s all they do for a living so thought id try and get into that.

Richerd Evans stylist Rich London PR

Highlight of your career so far?

Fashion Director of FHM

Best and worst part of the fashion industry?

Best part is not having to wear a uniform to work…Worst part is all the fake people, you cant trust anyone.

Rich London PR

What is the best piece of advice you have to share?

Go travelling on your own

How has fashion changed your life?

Not really it just pays the bills i’d be rubbish at anything else.

For more information on Rich London PR visit www.richlondonpr.com

“Lady In Red Is Dancing With Me”

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. So whether you’re in a relationship or single, it is time to have all eyes on you! Red is great colour which represents a sexy, passionate and romantic side. Don’t be scared to be wearing such a bold colour, red suits every skin colour, from pale white to a rich brown. Don’t forget, confidence is the most alluring accessory for a woman to wear.

Model: Maggie

Photographer: David Peart

Stylist: Denise Brown

Hair & Make Up: Sharlene Wilson

Maggie wears: Dress by Little Mistress , bangle by Freedom


Model wears: Dress by  bangle by Freedom Jewellery


Maggie wears; Dress by Izabel London , bangle by Dorothy Perkins, clutch bag by Olga Berg



Freedom Jewellery 

Little Mistress 

Olga Berg 

Izabel London 

Dorothy Perkins