Who to Watch In The Creative Industry


SOBOYE is a boutique  in Shoreditch, the boutique features a lot of Samson Soboyes own designs. Samson Soboye is a gradate from Central Saint Martins. Soboye creates one off accessories and interior design pieces. The boutique also contains the collections of up and coming designers. SOBOYE features many designers such as Aase Hopstocks spring/summer 2012 shoe collection shown below, and many more.  SOBOYE another designer to be watched!

The House of Perna

The House of Perna is a new line which has just been opened in the US. The brand aims to make clothing which is sophisticated but sexy, and setting the hottest trends. The designer Amanda Perna has had years of industry experience as well as featuring on season 9 of Project Runway  as an expert host.

We ask Amanda the all important question, How has fashion changed your life? ‘It defiantly has helped me toughen up.’

Below is exclusive pictures from the S/S13 show. The House of Perna is definatley One to Watch!

BILLY BOYCE CLOTHING                                                      

I  interviewed fashion designer, Billy Boyce, about his inspirations, influences and how fashion changed his life.                       

When did your interest in fashion and clothing begin?

My interest in fashion started right from a very young age where I took so much pride in my appearance and always opted for bold clothing. I loved looking a little different compared to other but yet not over-doing it to an extent where I start to look abnormal!

You were offered a permanent position at Vivienne Westwood while interning there. What made you turn it down?

Well working for some body else was never for me. I took the internship to learn a little and what a great and talented bunch to learn from. However, I always knew what I wanted and I was confident I got what I wanted from the experience.

How has fashion changed your life?

Well my work is my pride and joy. It feels good to see Rebecca, an interior designer from Kensington wearing a piece from the Billy Boyce capsule collection, or perhaps Jessica from the South-East London postcode also wearing a piece from the Billy Boyce mainline collection. These people sum up my brand nicely.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I’m in love with luxury! Anything that glitters pretty much sells itself to me. My love for luxe goods plays a big role in my inspiration. I love the 80’s vintage era, bold prints, classic laser cuts and sheer elegance. My family also inspire me a lot. Growing up watching my father in his old American vintage tailored suits and my mum in the sparkle sequin dresses definitely played a role. Listening to Motown music from that era also was also a key factor. Yet surrounding myself with young, fun and fierce friends was also very inspiring.

Are there any designers that you particularly admire?

When it comes to Womenswear I admire, Balmain, Chanel and McQueen. They construct it so brilliantly.

However, for Menswear, I totally admire Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs,  and Dame Vivienne Westwood.

Who is your target market for your brand? Who would you like to see wearing your clothes?

My clothes are made for an array of individuals from young novices to adventurous adults. One who dares to be different from all walks of life. The Billy Boyce brand has both the Capsule series that is a limited higher end range with a price point that may not be welcoming by the masses but I also have a “Mainline Collection that is aimed and priced at a contemporary and high-street market. We all deserve a little bit of luxury without breaking the bank.

Are there any pieces from your collections that you are particularly proud of?

I’m indeed proud of all the pieces from my collections as I wont create them if I wasn’t keen on them but my current favourites are from my latest AW12 capsule series collection. It’s a beautifully high gauge tweed trench coat and blazer from the Menswear and the Embellished Cropped hand made sequin jacket from the Womenswear of the same collection.

What’s next for Billy Boyce? Any insights into the next collection or future plans for the brand?

We are currently working on the brands Spring/Summer 13 Capsule series collection. With this, we want you to think 80’s Versace inspired silk prints, sequin numbers and gold polka dot silks.

They are so many things we have up our sleeves at this point in time but only time will tell and its best we keep some a secret.

Check out Billy’s website here: http://www.billyboyceclothing.co.uk/home/


I caught up with fashion designer Romero Bryan and see what he’s all about.

When did your interest in fashion and clothing begin?

My mother a Buyer for big fashion department stores back in the 80s and early 90s, I can say its always been in the  blood.

My grandmother and grandfather were both seamstresses and tailors, so I’ve always been around fashion and clothes, so it felt real natural for me to want to do fashion and realise my design talents from an early age.

What area of London were you from originally?


How did you find growing up on an estate?

Growing up on an estate was a lovely experience. The neighbours were like extended families. If we were ever locked out from our homes back then the neighbours would take us in and feed us until our parents came back. And the summer time playing outside with other kids was amazing. Though I had to ensure al the house chores were done before even contemplating asking my parents to go and play outside!

Do you think this affected your design style?

Most definitely. Being so sociable from such a young age I was able to mix with people from all different backgrounds. My neighbours were a mix of different people who came and went- Asians, English, Africans. It was a great experience and I can see it has most definitely influenced my design style now as well as give me an advantage of having really good social skills.

Is there anyone in particular that inspired you to get into fashion?

I always loved and still love spending time with my mum, as she’s a shopaholic and loves fashion. I remember from young age laying on her bed                       watching her get dressed up every weekend to go clubbing with my dad, helping her chose her outfit. So most definitely my mother.

How has fashion changed your life?

Well God’s blessed me to have realised my talents designing and luckily its appreciated by people all over the world now, I wake sometimes still feeling like I’m dreaming

I get to travel and meet wonderful people wanting to see my work in the flesh, feels amazing!

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs from?

Every collection starts from an idea of inspiration. Thorough research is carried out until I get to the design section of my timetable as well as a lot of market research and fabric research too.

Are there any designers that you particularly admire?

Despite what people think of John Galliano, I admire his design talents very much and he has made Dior what it is today. Also Loooooooooooove McQueen. He was a genius though Sarah there now does a fab job too.

Who is your target market for your brand? Who would you like to see wearing your clothes?

CONFIDENT women who want to stand out in a crowd.

Are there any pieces from your collections that you are particularly proud of?

Alek Wek wore my crystal gown worth over £200,000 all handmade to AMFW and to date it has been my most sought after design and featured work globally. So I’d say that’s my most proudest moment to date.

Do you have any big plans for the future in relation to your career? Any big aspirations?

I just take things day by day and keep the faith in God to make me experience everything he wants me to.

Check out Romero’s website here: http://www.romerobryan.co.uk/


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