Denise Brown has worked as a freelance stylist for over six years. She has experience working as a Fashion Editor for magazines with an urban focus, namely as Touch, RWD and Flavour. Denise has also free-lanced for various magazines including Fault, Fantastic, Pride, Volt on Line, Fashizblack, Time Out and many more. Using her vast knowledge and her passion for the fashion industry Denise finally decided in 2012 to set up her company Fashion Changed My Life.
The right approach towards fashion can have a massive impact on a person’s life, affecting their confidence, outlook and even their relationships. I can testify to this from my own experiences, and Fashion Changed My Life is a powerful statement from me, expressing my vibrant attitudes towards the industry and life in general in a way that connects with everyday men and women.
I have decided to start blogging, allowing others the opportunity to share my day-to-day experiences with me. My intention is to use the blog to introduce people to the vast and varied role of a stylist, examining current fashion trends, interviewing people from all creative industries, and offering expert advice under such heading as ‘Get the Look’ and ‘Street-Styling’.
“My styling work is like a painting on a canvas. My work is eclectic so it is impossible to identify a signature piece of work; but my blog will be representative of who I really am.”

What you need to know about me:

I was born and bred in North-West London, a particularly diverse area. I am certain that my experience growing up in this area has affected my attitudes towards fashion and life in general.
I don’t watch much TV but I do have a soft spot for so-called reality shows, such as The Apprentice, Dragons Den, Gordon Ramsey Kitchens and Come Dine with Me.

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