Tinchy Stryder Talks to FCML

Tinchy Stryder talk to FCML about music, fashion and gives some valuable advice for young musicians.

So we heard you new single help me, is that the kind of sound for the whole album or is there some surprise sounds on the album. What can your fans expect from your new album?
Yeah ‘help ‘ me is the kinda vibe you will hear on the album but at the same time Help me and spaceship which came out in 2011, it’s kinda of rounding off the year. When the year start’s I will be going in full tank, and I will fully get going, everything fresh and new. Help me gives you a hint of what’s to come.

What has been your break through moment?
No I don’t think I’ve made it. I’m grateful and appreciative that I’ve defiantly made it from where I’ve came from and the levels of what I’ve achieved. But what for is to keep that hunger for more. That’s what drives me. Be happy with what you’ve got but always have that hunger for more. I would like to have my own area tour. That would be a whole new level. Patience is the key and hard work and build that foundation is the main thing.

Any advice for new artist trying to break into the industry?
I always got told stay unique, I always thought that was a clique everyone says that. But really I think that’s the easiest be, unique. It’s harder trying to be someone else and your always ganna be second place. Your just trying to copy somebody else but being unique and being yourself, there’s only one of you man. If you look in the mirror that’s you, just be yourself and you can’t go wrong. And obviously working hard and stay focused. Also be ready for challenges because sometimes you get tests which could set you back. It’s not an easy game or world so you have to make a statement in the first challenge to show that you’re ready for the bigger challenges.

You also have your own clothing line Star in the Hood, which blew up when you became extremely successful in the music industry. For those who don’t know, can you tell them about the brand?
Star in the hood is my clothing line and that came about from 2007. My first album was called star in the hood, we just did a few T-shirts we got them printed and wore them just to promote it. People starting liking it, I supported a few tours, still wearing the T-shirts, and that money was helping us get around. Long story short people started liking it and it grew and developed, we got some designers involved, putting them in a few shops, and then I had my own clothing line.

Your obviously very interested in fashion, how has fashion changed your life?
I always used have the newest trainers, I don’t know how but I always used to get them. I like fashion where someone naturally looks got there style, not like where they’ve had stylist to make them look like that.

Watch out for Tinchy’s new album coming to you in 2013


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