Please ‘Don’t Judge Me’

Chris Brown has just released a single call ‘Don’t judge me’, the song underlining moral is asking his fans to move on from his past. By his past Chris is talking about the bad he has done in his life, relating to his abuse to ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The song has the same out look to Denise Brown’s fashion label, which is conveniently call Don’t Judge me Clothing. Don’t Judge Me clothing was inspired by and created by the life of leading British Stylist Denise Brown. Denise went from teenage gangs to styling the likes of Kanye West, Cassie, and Rhianna. It is for that reason ‘perseverance through misconception’ is at the heart of the brand.

“The ever so aptly titled ‘Don’t Judge Me,’ was a label created to make a statement about the trials and tribulations faced by women in everyday life. Denise effortlessly manages to fuse together classy club wear and “street chic”, and with cracking results too. Making fierce waves with her scintillating fashion designs, Denise has managed to capture the attention of some of the UK’s biggest publications. The London Paper, New Nation newspaper and Pride magazine are just a few who have had their pages graced with DJM. ‘Don’t Judge Me’ is living proof that creative fashion knows absolutely no boundaries and with her innovative designs, Denise seeks to highlight and celebrate the confidence, beauty and individuality of a woman, all whilst accentuating her curves. Through DJM, Denise Brown is successfully redefining the style of all types of women up and down the country.”

For more information about the brand visit:



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