What started in 2007 as a showroom in Great Portland Street is now live on the internet, showcasing the collections of independanct designers to fashionistas all over the world. The website not only allows visitors to browse Amaka’s own clothing collection, but several other interesting and unusual brands.

The collection delivers their signature look consisting of soft draping using natural fabrics. The pieces are innovative, yet easy to wear, and with a range offering everything from silk dresses to cotton tees, the collection is ultimately easy to wear.

The interesting detail is what gives Amaka it’s edge. the interesting collar detail that features in a lot of it’s designs stands out from your everyday purchase. With prices ranging between £69 to £299, the prospect of owning one of these pieces isn’t too far out of reach. To me, these garments seem like good, casual, easy to wear pieces that won’t date and can be reinvented time and time again.

I have to say, my favourite image from their website is the one below, just because it’s slightly avant garde, but still very wearable.

But if that’s not to your taste, why not try these on for size?

Visit for more information

This post was brought to you by Emily Langley


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