Christina Aguilera ‘Your Body’

There’s been mixed reactions to Christina Aguilera’s new video ‘Your Body’. I have to admit, I love Christina. I think it’s that constant underlying vintage reference that I like, but that’s just me. Since Candyman and her role in the film Burlesque, she’s easily one of my favourite artists. So when it comes to her new video, I am slightly biased. I can’t say that the song itself blew me away, but I love love LOVE the styling. Her trademark vintage edge is ever present, mixing high waisted leopard print jeans with a pastel patterned bustier. In fact, the majority of her ensembles feature leopard print, which I fully appreciate.

It’s a little bit cheesecake pinup, a little bit mass-murderer. Watch the video, you’ll see what I mean. Either way, I love the juxtaposition.

Watch the video here:


This post was brought to you by Emily Langley


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