Oxblood Lips

I have to say, it’s something I’ve always quite liked. That slightly ‘worn’ look that red lipstick gets after a few hours, a few coffees and maybe a cheeky cupcake (as all red-lipped femme fatales are partial to).

Well, for all you out there who share my enthusiasm for such a thing, good news. This look is all the rage right now, attractively named ‘oxblood lips’. Essentially, it’s all about a winey-burgundy colour around the outside of the lips, fading into a brighter red in the middle. It’s a bit like the ‘bed hair’ trend. You could spend an extra few minutes in your beauty regime, perfecting a look that comes naturally after a few hours. Take it or leave it.

It was seen at the Gucci A/W show, and on countless celebs since. I’m definitely going to be working the look, and if it proves too hard to master, I’ll just go and eat a cupcake…

This post was brought to you by Emily Langley


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