Mogul Of The Month, Olivia Palermo

Palermo is a master at blending inexpensive pieces, high-end designer items, and vintage articles to establish her sophisticated style. She keeps things interesting by trying several different shapes and lengths, rather than playing it safe in a single silhouette. Palmero’s preference for statement-making accessories is also noteworthy.

Check Olivia’s Style Rules
1. In every outfit, I always try and incorporate a single trend, but in a subtle way.
2. I would describe my style as modern, but classic.
3. I always like to wear one very structured piece, like a great jacket or a skirt.
4. For next season I like the look of all the embellished clothes, and those copper-toned metallics, although not everyone can pull that off…
5. You don’t always have to stay high end – I like mixing and matching.
6. My favourite item of clothing right now is a Topshop white cardigan with a pale blue pinstripe; it’s so easy to wear.


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