How To Wear… The Tux

There is one item you just can’t live without this Autumn/Winter—the tuxedo jacket. Unlike cropped blazers, the tux jacket is cut slightly longer in the sleeves and body, giving you a perfectly tailored look. This fit, plus satin trim, adds sophistication to the rest of your outfit. You can wear it with relaxed trousers or skinny black pants to create the perfect tuxedo look, with a twist of glamour and femininity.  While it may at first seem odd, tuxedos worn by women can actually be a fun and cutting-edge look for a variety of occasions.

Tuxedos are normally associated with menswear, but this seasons new trend re invents the traditional tux, coming back with a well-cut, properly-fitted female tux. From proms to award ceremonies to weddings to charity balls, this exciting tuxedo look will make you stand out from any crowd!

The secret to successfully wearing a tuxedo is fitting. Fit is the key! Whether you decide to alter a tux that was originally designed for a man, or select one meant to be worn by a woman, the most important is that it fits properly. An ill-fitting tux will not look right on anyone. Also, pair light pastel colours together with your tuxedo jacket, and don’t accessorise too much, and you will have created the perfect tuxedo look!


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