No Needles Needed

The latest and finest couture hitting the fashion catwalks comes from talented Japanese designer Rie Hosokai, whom meticulously hand creates all her designs to the uppermost of quality. Her designs however come with a single essential warning: watch out for needles! Shouldn’t be that hard I hope.

Almost as light as a feather and relatively translucent, Rie Hosokai’s innovative balloon design has been carefully constructed with a total of 200 balloons, all adjusted and shaped according to her specification, resulting in a beautiful fine piece- perfect for making a statement.

Rie Hosokai, whom has graced the world of fashion with her inventive crystal-clear creations, is no stranger to the limelight, winning international prizes such as Belgium’s annual “The Millennium Jam” balloon festival for her amazing skills and eye for detail, being the main person in charge of twisting and delicately weaving the miniature balloons to form a masterpiece.

“There are latitude and longitude balloons to be woven together, so it’s quite similar to fabric” Hosokai so confidently states, making balloon dressmaking seem almost effortless!

“You can wow people at parties or weddings with a balloon dress. They’ll be surprised” said Hosokai. Looks like balloon dresses are the new go to if you want to make a statement this approaching autumn, and despite the dear (but well worth the hard work) price tag, the only thing you will need to consider is staying away from anything sharp!


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