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If I Were A Boy…

You may have thought this fashion dead went out in the 80’s, but as we know fashion constantly looks back to the past for inspiration.  Fall / winter 2011 looks set to mark the return of Androgyny – women looking like men and vice versa. Though this trend can be traced back to icons such as: Grace Jones, Annie Lennox, David Bowie and most recently Eleanor Jackson, of English electro-pop group La Roux, it is model Andrej Pejic who is at the forefront of this latest return of the Androgynous look.

Male Model, Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic: Femme Fetal?

These images are of 19 year old male model Andrej Pejic who perfectly demonstrates his andrgynous look. Highly sought after androgynous models, such as Andrej Pejic and Agyness Deyn, have put fashion designers in a frenzy.  It now seems every designer wishes to dress female models in masculine attire thereby making the androgynous look a hot trend this year.

In an era where Beyonce boldly sings “who runs the world…girls”!  The androgynous trend, also known as Andro Style, is definitely in vogue.    Andro Style allows women to show their inner strength and masculinity.  Not only does this style allows women to dress comfortably in mens loose clothing, but to experiment with dramatic makeup.

Andro Style

Here are a few of the looks which have been seen down the runway recently:

Androgynous Fashion Trends 2011-2012

Here Come The...Girls!!

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The Duchess Is Military Chic

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to Birmingham, England to meet with riot victims on Friday. Kate arrived wearing a beautiful Alexander McQueen pre-fall military ensemble. Military styling this fall is becoming a staple look, being both chic and classy,  from the Mods’ Army parkas, to the military-like colour schemes of  sands, olives, khakis and camouflage prints.

As a follow on from last fall, masculine silhouettes are emerging onto the catwalks in new and innovative ways, showcasing clean cuts, uniform styled blazers, big brass buttons, thick leather belts and eye-catching footwear. Remaining a distinct and popular colour choice, Khaki very nicely equates with the emerging military trend- a must have this Autumn!


Leather Trends

From shoes to purses to boots- It’s no great secret that leather has become a persistent wardrobe staple over the last couple of years. The traditional leather jacket keeps reviving itself each Autumn/Winter- coming back more sophisticated, more stylish and definitely more versatile.

This season, expect leather clothing to come in all kinds of colours and tones. In addition to traditional brown and black leather, darker shades of crimson, yellowish-brown and orange brown leather will be found, adding a special hint of Rocker Chic to your wardrobe.


MANGO City Chic

City chic is all about being polished and pulled together, yet encompassing an element of pure effortlessness. For MANGO’s new Autumn catalogue, the carefully put together looks completely radiate a laid-back atmosphere with their warm caramel and ruby tones and semi-structured silhouettes, all while constituting a chic and sharp appearance.

Having chosen the beautiful Ciutadella Park in Barcelona for the setting, the new Autumn catalogue for Mango gives off a very street style vibe, which fully represents the cosy Autumn season ahead, putting on show a whole range of versatile looks perfect for daytime all through the evening.

No Needles Needed

The latest and finest couture hitting the fashion catwalks comes from talented Japanese designer Rie Hosokai, whom meticulously hand creates all her designs to the uppermost of quality. Her designs however come with a single essential warning: watch out for needles! Shouldn’t be that hard I hope.

Almost as light as a feather and relatively translucent, Rie Hosokai’s innovative balloon design has been carefully constructed with a total of 200 balloons, all adjusted and shaped according to her specification, resulting in a beautiful fine piece- perfect for making a statement.

Rie Hosokai, whom has graced the world of fashion with her inventive crystal-clear creations, is no stranger to the limelight, winning international prizes such as Belgium’s annual “The Millennium Jam” balloon festival for her amazing skills and eye for detail, being the main person in charge of twisting and delicately weaving the miniature balloons to form a masterpiece.

“There are latitude and longitude balloons to be woven together, so it’s quite similar to fabric” Hosokai so confidently states, making balloon dressmaking seem almost effortless!

“You can wow people at parties or weddings with a balloon dress. They’ll be surprised” said Hosokai. Looks like balloon dresses are the new go to if you want to make a statement this approaching autumn, and despite the dear (but well worth the hard work) price tag, the only thing you will need to consider is staying away from anything sharp!

The Polka Dot A/W Trend.

When you think of Polka dots, you instantly think of a 1950’s ‘New Look’ dress by Dior. But all thats changed and the designers have mixed it up a little using bright colours and a range of sizes and  silhouette’s. There’s also a cheaper way to get the A/W trend with most high street fashion shops like River Island and Top shop. The polka dot trend is by far one of my favourites this year.


Polka dots are the new stripes - fashion trends for fall 2011



Socks, £6 River Island.
Polka dot play suits, £40 both River Island.
Blue P.D Sunglasses, £16 Top Shop.
P.D Platforms, £62 Top Shop.
Bangle, £5 New Look.